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  • To provide extensive training in theĀ  Sinhala, Tamil and English languages so as to make available persons competent to teach Sinhala,Tamil and English to persons who are desirous of acquiring such knowledge.
  • To conduct research and studies on studies on issues relating to language training, with a view to utilizing the results of such research and studies for the effective functioning of the institute.
  • To provide training and education to suitable persons in languages and to award certificates and diplomas to successful candidates on completion of such training and education.
  • To build up a body of trained personnel equipped to undertake the teaching of languages.
  • To establish a repository of information on matters relating to languages.
  • To conduct specified language courses in sinhala. Tamil and English languages for special categories of person such as interpreters, translators and stenographers; and
  • To undertake , assist and promote linguistics research activities in Sinhala ,Tamil , and English languages and foreign languages and where it appears to be necessary make recommendation to the relevant authorities on the improvements and changes to be made to the Sinhala , Tamil and English languages.