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Paid Courses
01 Translation  Skills Development Course (Residential- 10 days)
Course Fee - Rs.15, 000/= (Special discount for public officers)

This course aims to train around 30 participants using Sinhala, Tamil and English. It will tap into the participant’s resource base in any two of the above three languages and introduce him /her to basic theoretical concepts of translation while creating awareness of techniques involved in the process of translation. The main objective of the course is to empower students with awareness of the basic strategies involved in the translation of texts in different fields such as creative, administrative, media and legal. They will also learn to transfer knowledge at multiple levels as well as function as educators, policy planners, administrators, media personnel, creative writers etc. Moreover the course intends to equip participants in general multi-linguality and aspects of multi-culture.

Course Content
  • Strategies in reading : multiple ways of interpreting a text
  • Development of simultaneous interpretation skills
  • Target language/ text/ audience
  • Issues and challenges in translating  government documents
  • Text and Intertextuality
  • Different text types : genre and register
  • Creative writing
  • Equivalence in Translation
  • Cohesion and Coherence in the text
  • Legal translation
  • Technical terms : the role of classical languages
  • Translation and the media
  • Field Trip - Study oriented

The course is basically activity oriented. Participants learn theory through group work such as drama, presentation, light hearted games, listening to songs and viewing movies. The students also participate in language development tasks.

02 Training Course on Teaching a Second  Language (Sinhala/Tamil - Residential  5 days )
Course Fee - Rs. 7, 500/=

An activity based course providing theoretical and methodological orientation to those who teach Tamil or Sinhala as a second language to  adult learners in order to enhance and improve their teaching skills and  provide a better understanding of the nature and the structure of the respective first and second languages. The course includes the socio-historical and political perspectives of teaching Sinhala and Tamil as second languages, Diglossia and the Problems of Second Language Teaching, Dialect Variations,  Contrastive Grammar, Teaching Methodology, Error Analysis and Language Testing,  Preparation and use of teaching materials, visual aids etc.
03 Second language skills development course: Tamil language( Residential)

Course Fee- Rs 10,000

Objectives - Development of second language skills of participants
For whom - Those interested in improving their second languages skills in reading, writing, listing and spealing
Entry Requirement - Those who have set for the G.C.E (O/L) or learining interedted in Tamil language

Duration - Ten days

Free Courses
Second Language  for Public Officers (Sinhala, Tamil - part time 108 hours)

Offered  to public officers who are required to achieve the  level of competency as per  the schemes of  recruitment. Instructors trained by NILET conduct classes in government institutions. Text books are also available for the different levels.

How to Pay for Courses
In favour of National Institute of Language Education and Training from any branch of the bank of Ceylon.
  • Branch       : Agalawatta
  • Account No : 7442918
For details: MS. Hiroshima Perera
Telephone: 034-3942683
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