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  Vision of the Library  
  To be an internationally recognized excellent academic library and a documentation centre that caters to language education, training,and research.
  Mission Statement
  To provide the information and documentation services of  highest quality through effective management of resources, using skills and technology innovatively for language education, training, and research at NILET.
  Library Resources and Collections
    Books 2500  
    Serial Publications - Local & International. (Periodicals, Journals, Magazines, News Papers) 3000  
    CDs 50  
    Video Cassettes 30  
  The Catalogues and Classification Schemes
  • Bibliographical information of the books could be found in the computerized main catalogue.
  • Dewey Decima; Classification scheme is used In the library for classification.
  Library Services
  • Reader services
    • Reference service
    • Lending service
    • Periodical service
  • News paper clipping service
  • Personalized reader service
  • Referral service
  • Personalized information alert service
  • Current awareness service
  • Online services
    • Online Full Text Journals
    • Database Searching
    • Web Searching With Download Facility
    • E-mail Facility For Global Communication
  • Inter library loans
  • Photocopying  service
  • Permanent Academic and Non Academic Staff
  • Temporary Academic Staff
  • Registered Public Officers
  • Research Workers
  Opening Hours
    Weekdays 8.30 am. - 4.00 pm.  
When necessary  
  Library Staff
  MS. Hasini Rupasinghe
  Contact 034-3944352-Ext.110
  E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it /
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